Andy Murray is playing Parcells ball

There’s a coaching axiom in sports when a team just doesn’t have as much talent as it’s opposition. It goes like this…stay in the game, and we’ll try to win it late.

That’s the essence of the St. Louis Blues right now. Since 2009 started, the Blues have played 23 games. After the Blues 2-1 win over Phoenix, 13 of those contests have been won by a team scoring three or fewer goals. Amazingly, the Blues have allowed two or fewer in 15 of those 23 since the New Year.

Andy Murray’s philosophy with Erik Johnson, Paul Kariya and…for a long time…Andy McDonald out of the lineup has been exceptionally sound. The Blues have been superb defensively, and given their team a chance to win late more times than not. They’ve picked up a point in 17 of 23 games this year, and still have a shot at the playoffs.

They aren’t the Oilers of the 80’s, but the Blues are tough, fun, and competetive.