Apparently, I have no idea what’s going on in my world.

Tuesday night, after President Barack Obama spoke to Congress about where he plans to take the country, the Republican response…although I didn’t see it…was apparently given by Louisiana governor Bobby Boucher.

Now, first off, I was shocked to learn that Bobby Boucher, the Waterboy, was elected Governor of The Sportsman’s Paradise. But after the conditions under which he was brought up, I was even more surprised to learn that he had evolved into a Republican.

I was pleased to hear from friends about the speech. I heard about how he started out by saying “Mama, something bad happened today.” And then, as the cable news shows delivered quick replays of Obama before coming to him, I don’t think Bobby Boucher should have said “Look who’s on TV mama… it’s the devil.” He did evidently realize the quality of Obama’s address when he said “So that’s what opening up a can of whoop-ass feels like.” It was opened on Bobby himself. But it may have been a political error when The Waterboy said “Captain Insano shows no mercy,” as he talked about the Democratic party.

While the oratory of Obama was silky smooth, Boucher apparently had his speech written before listening to the President. “You sound like a big choo-choo train,” he said. And as he concluded his attack, Bobby Boucher said “Powerbomb. Compliments of Ca-ca-ca-Captain Insano.”

He did compliment Obama on the eco-friendly nature of the early part of his presidency. “Now that’s what I call high quality H2O,” he said.

Pretty cool that the greatest football player in Louisiana history was elected governor. And I’m glad that The Waterboy got a chance to address our nation.