Are you a real fan if you think your team is going to lose?

I’ve read on the internets and heard from callers that people who don’t think the Blues are going to rebound from a 3-0 deficit and beat Vancouver are somehow not real Blues fans.

Because you don’t have a blind belief that your team is going to win every series, you’re a bandwagon jumper?

I think you can be realistic and still be a “real” fan. I buy Blues tickets each year, including the two years after the lockout. The Blues are the only hockey team I root for. I was ten years old when I went to my first game. I worked as an usher/ticket taker at the old Arena, and bought tickets when I was in college. I was crushed when the Blues were knocked out of the playoffs before winning the Stanley Cup in 1981, 1991 and 2000. So I think I’ve earned “real fan” status.

There have been 531 best-of-seven playoff series in NHL history. Of those, 155 have had one team take a 3-0 lead. And twice…in 1942 and 1975…teams down 3-0 have come back to win the series. So based on history, the Blues have a .13 chance of coming back to win this series. Mathematically, according to , the chances are 6.25%.

So yes, the Blues do have a chance to win the series. But the odds against the Blues winning are staggering. I don’t believe they’re going to win, but I still think I’m a fan.