Bipolar Blues need to step up in St. Louis

What an exhilirating win for the Blues last night in Detroit. Brad Boyes scoring early and Ty Conklin making 42 saves equated to a 1-0 win, as the Blues improved to 7-2-3 in real road games (not neutral site Sweden) this season.

On the road this season, the Blues have outscored their opponents 43-37. They are, for whatever reason, a different team on the road vs. at home.

This year at Scottrade Center, the Blues have scored 28 goals in 15 games, an average of 1.86 per game. Take out their 6-1 win over Vancouver, and the Blues average an anemic 1.57 goals per game on home ice…and get beat by an average of 2.78 to 1.57. Their record on home ice is 4-9-2.

On the road, the Blues average 3.25 goals per game, while allowing 3.08.

On November 13, owner Dave Checketts said “this is a team, even in a tough division, that’s good enough to be there. Especially at home. We better never get outworked at home. The hallmark of our club, even when we didn’t have the talent, was we never got outworked at home. It has to be that way.”

It hasn’t been that way all the time this year, even in the month since Checketts made those comments. If the results don’t change in the next three weeks, we can count on some other changes with the Blues.