Celebrity ownership? We have ideas

Dolphins owner Steven Ross has it figured out, and Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez need to follow suit.

Ross has recruited Jimmy Buffett, Marc Anthony and J. Lo, and now the Williams sisters as small percentage, minority owners in Miami.

Ideas for Rosenbloom/Rodriguez.

Nelly. He and the St. Lunatics already own a box at Rams games. He’s a partner in the Charlotte Bobcats. He’s a natural.

John Goodman. Bigtime St. Louisan. Has acted in sports films in the past. Certainly has the cash to join the club.

Gretchen Wilson. She’s a major country star and has made a few bucks. She would attract a new demographic.

Sheryl Crow. The Kennett native is another one that spent time here and loves St. Louis. How about a Rams fight song from her?

Brad Pitt. Attended Mizzou. He grew up in Springfield. And we thought it was cool when Jason Sehorn brought Angie Harmon to the Dome? This would take it to another level.

And, here’s The Big One. Steven Spielberg. Not from St. Louis, but wife Kate Capshaw is. You would think Rosenbloom and Spielberg have crossed paths in the Hollywood film circles they run in. And, Spielberg has a few bucks.

Just some friendly ideas from a concerned Rams fan.