Congrats, Partner…

Since I met Bob Ramsey when I worked at KMOX and he worked at Channel 11 in the mid 80’s, we”ve talked about working on the radio together. As a matter of fact, there were probably hundreds of baseball games in which we would sit in the Busch Stadium press box and have shows…talking lineups, moves, general stuff.

On January 2 Rammer and I finally got the opportunity to do a show together…and for two weeks it’s seemed like we’ve been on the air together for 20 years. If you sense that Bob, D’Marco Farr and I have good chemistry, your sense is absolutely correct. We have a great time on the air and off…and play off each other extremely well.

Bob Ramsey is also the 23 year voice of Saint Louis University basketball, and is now in his rightful place among the all time greats in the Billiken Hall of Fame. Like Jack Buck and Mike Shannon in the Cardinal booth, Bob’s voice has become synonomous with SLU basketball. He has covered five coaches and numerous Billiken stars along the road.

It’s great to be working with a veteran like Rammer, and even better to see him lauded as he should be…in the SLU Hall of Fame.