Don’t rush to judgement

We’re in the opinion business…and many times have to make snap judgements on the radio. When we do that, there’s a chance we’ll be wrong.

I’ll go in chronological order. When Norv Turner was coach of the Redskins, I suggested…along with many others…that he was severely lacking as a leader and as a CEO. Our thoughts were solidified when he took the train wreck job in Oakland and wasn’t able to do anything with it. I wondered…what are the Chargers thinking when A.J. Smith hired him?

Well, look at Norv now. He’s gone 11-5, 8-8 and is now 11-3 with San Diego, having won the division in all three years. He’s 3-2 in the playoffs with San Diego, despite losing Ladanian Tomlinson both years and Philip Rivers one season. He’s won 12 straight December games. And, he’s turned over much of the roster in the process. We may not want to admit it, but Norv can coach.

Second point, a couple of weeks ago I lamented all the great and all the terrible teams in the NFL, saying Pete Rozelle’s dream of everyone finishing 8-8 would never come true. Now look. Six of the fifteen AFC teams are 7-7, and two more are 8-6. You could have an eight way tie for the AFC Wildcard at 8-8.

Just another reason…when it comes to football…not to rush to judgement.