France should be proud of their soccer team

So, France is knocked out of the World Cup.

Bad news for the soccer fans of the country, but I got something out of it. I think the overall experience should be heartening for residents of France and people around the world.

France sent star Nicolas Anelka home because he verbally assaulted lame-duck coach Raymond Domenech during a loss to Mexico. The French soccer federation had already determined that whatever happened in the tournament, Domenech was out…done…history.

Well, the players backed Anelka…refusing to practice for Domenech, refusing to “train,” as the call it in the beautiful game.

When that happened, Domenech benched team captain Patrice Evra and five others for France’s game against South Africa…a match the French predictably lost. There was a bus waiting at the stadium to take the team back to the airport, and an airplane ready to take them home.

You might say, what positive can possibly come of this? Well, France hasn’t shown much backbone. They don’t want to stand up for much, they don’t want to get involved. They don’t show much conviction.

So, for the French soccer players to stand up and show conviction…regardless of how misguided their goals were…was impressive. It may have been foolish and embarrassing, it may have made a whole country look like spoiled, whining, babies. But at least they got involved, which is a positive.