Good luck with your brackets

As a guy that has never even been in the money with my NCAA brackets, I wish you the best of luck as the NCAA tournament gets underway. We’ll be watching the games at Pujols 5 at Westport Plaza.

Here’s why I won’t win this year…because I picked upsets. Sure, upsets are generally what wins these things, but you need to be lucky. I am not lucky, and the upsets that I’ve picked are silly. I’m guessing that less than one percent of all Americans have Chattanooga knocking off UConn. I’m guessing less than five percent have Binghampton eliminating Duke. So I not only have the first 16th seed knocking off a number one in history, but also the fifth (out of 96) #2 to beat a #15.

I will contribute my money to the cause…but this is one sports guy who has no idea how to pick the winners in the NCAA tournament.