Here’s a draft plan for the Rams

There are lots of ideas about what the Rams should do to upgrade their personnel this off-season, and I have my own thoughts.This may not be what the Rams do, but this is what I want.

I’d like to see the Rams build a foundation with youth…and watch them grow together.Granted, the Saints, Vikings and Cardinals all picked up veteran quarterbacks to win with, but all were established winners that played a Super Bowl style when they joined those teams.

I like the approach teams like the Colts, Chargers, Jets, Packers and Ravens have taken…get and develop a young quarterback and your own young players.Get some ST. LOUIS RAMS, and allow us fans to watch them grow.

With this in mind, I wouldn’t sign Michael Vick, and I wouldn’t take Ndamukong Suh.I would build my offense.

Word is that the Buccaneers want Suh, and the Redskins might want to trade into the top spot.Think about this…if the Bucs, who need a defensive tackle, would trade their #3 overall, their own second rounder and their own third rounder…allowing them to keep Chicago’s second rounder…would you do that?

Then the Rams could take Sam Bradford


with the third overall pick.Many pundits have Oklahoma tight end Jermaine Gresham


falling into the second round.If you get to the second round and take Cal RB Jahvid Best


at #33 overall, and then Gresham at #35 overall, you have a huge head start on your offense.

Then with two picks in round three, you can address issues along the offensive and defensive lines and perhaps wide receiver.

As has been noted, Steve Spagnuolo’s Giants defense in 2007 featured Barry Cofield and Fred Robbins at tackle.Justin Tuck moved inside to provide pass rush.When Spags was with the NFC Champion Eagles in 2004, the tackles were Corey Simon and Darwin Walker, with Hollis Thomas coming off the bench.Not a single big-name, expensive DT in the bunch (although Simon was a 1st rounder). Additionally, history tells us that defensive tackles just don’t have very long shelf lives. Ordinarily, at least lately, they wear out within five or six years.

It would be a tremendous gamble for the Rams to spend $40 million guaranteed on a player that mans a position Spags can put just a guy in, and may not last that long.

If there’s a chance to build an offense for the next ten years, the Rams should do that, rather than just add a piece that may or may not be necessary.