I still don’t like Vick…and I guess I won’t

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We recorded an interview with Michael Vick this morning, and I went in hoping he would convince me that he’s a good guy that’s worthy of having in St. Louis as our quarterback (as far fetched as that thought is right now).

On the football front, Vick was proud of how courageous he was, so courageous that he won the Eagles’ Ed Block courage award. He wasn’t. To me, courage is indicative of someone that volunteers to protect our country, or someone that protects the public, or someone that helps teach our kids. Service people, police officers and firefighters and teachers are courageous. Someone that gets out of jail after running a dogfighting ring…not so much.

When asked what motivated him to play football, Vick talked about individual goals…about being the best player by the end of his career in 8-10 years. There was nothing about winning a Super Bowl, or lifting a team to great heights.

When I asked him what he’s done to become a better, more accurate thrower, he pointed out that he stayed for an extra 30 minutes after practice many days in Philadelphia. Then he blamed his receivers in Atlanta for all of their dropped passes.

I also asked Vick if he had been in therapy after having the ability to viciously kill defenseless animals. He said yes, he has been in therapy twice a week as part of his probation, but…he doesn’t need it. That nothing is wrong with him.

Vick was contrite at times…he says that what he did was bad and he wants to atone for it. He wants to save more animals than he killed. He says he plans to work hard at his next stop, and wants to become a great quarterback.

But, he didn’t convince me. I’m a tough judge, but I don’t envision Vick as a Super Bowl quarterback, and I wouldn’t want to build with him.