Is America too thin skinned to deal with facts?

I’m intrigued by the current American condition. We are such a thin skinned, unhappy, sometimes angry, but certainly reactionary society. Those attributes have helped form our society and do some wonderful things over the years, but I wonder if, to put it in sports parlance, we’re calling some ticky tack fouls these days.

We had an interesting response to our “I’m just sayin’” segment yesterday, with one comment I made causing quite a stir among a very few people.

D’Marco was talking about the upcoming Super Bowl ad featuring Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and his mom, with speculation being that it’ll be about her rejecting doctors’ advice to end her pregnancy.

When this topic was broached, I said if she had “we’d have one less inaccurate quarterback with a slow release.” I’m just sayin’. And, the phone calls and e-mails came in to Jason Barrett. One, two, maybe even three people flooded our switchboard and said they’d never listen again.

Several e-mails came in, too. Claiming they would never push the 101.1 button again.

This got me thinking. Are these people simply huge Tebow fans that don’t like someone saying bad things about their quarterback? Or are they offended that we even talked about a story that has been huge nationally for 48 hours?

Here are the facts.

Mrs. Tebow was urged to end her pregnancy. Because I’m a huge Tebow fan myself, I’m glad she didn’t.

Her son grew up to be a big time, winning quarterback at Florida. And, he’s a great person.

That being said, he is inaccurate on deep passes, and vast knowledgeable opinion, including former NFL coaches Brian Billick and Jimmy Johnson, believe his release is too slow to be an effective NFL quarterback.

If Tebow didn’t have these drawbacks, he’d be the easiest first pick in the draft the Rams could ever make. He has EVERY quality you want in your quarterback, except for the throwing part of it. Awesome person, leader, personality. A perfect guy.

But, reality is what it is. Putting my Meramec logic class to work here…and dealing with facts and very well informed opinion…

IF Mrs. Tebow had ended her pregnancy with Tim, AND her son was an inaccurate quarterback with a slow release, THEN we’d have one less inaccurate quarterback with a slow release.

Why would people get so upset with a factual statement?

And even if it wasn’t, the segment was I’m just sayin’.