It doesn’t get much better than being at the ballpark.

Cards and Detroit tonight. I don’t get to the ballpark often enough. I used to come to every game.

10 things I miss…

The simple competition. Being around a game.

The breeze.

The fact that everyone is happy. Everyone is nice. We are at a game, after all.

The view from behind home plate at Busch Stadium…


The Cardinal home whites against the green grass. The Cardinal and Dodger home jerseys are the two best in baseball.

The smell of ballpark food as you walk the concourse area. And, ballpark nachos are the best. Anywhere.

The sound. Crack of the bat, roar of the crowd. It just happened as Colby Rasmus drilled a single into right center, scoring Tyler Greene. 2-1 St. Louis.

The Old Courthouse at night


The magesty of Albert Pujols.

I joke about it, but we do take it for granted. Being in the best baseball city in America. Only Boston is close.

Pretty awesome.