It’s time to use replay in baseball

As one who…even after the 1985 World Series…hasn’t been a strong advocate for replay in baseball, I’ve reached the point at which I believe it should be used in every game.


Following the highway robbery that was Jim Joyce’s horrendous call that cost Armando Galarraga of Detroit a perfect game, it’s clear that a simple solution must be implemented. We don’t need red flags like the NFL has, we don’t need a certain number of challenges, what we need is the foresight and genius provided by the NHL and college football.

Simply put an observer in a booth in each stadium. More than 90% of all games are televised, and those that aren’t have quality video available for the big screen inside the stadium. When a questionable call occurs, have the observer buzz the crew chief, and fix it. Whether it’s a home run, a fair or foul ball, or a bad call on the bases like in the perfect game, have him fix it.


Of course, replay wouldn’t be used for balls and strikes. But we have the ability to get the call right everywhere else. I agree that umpires are amazingly good, and get 99% of their calls correct. But since we have the technology and ability to get 100% right, why don’t we? That way, baseball won’t be embarrassed like it was when Galarraga was robbed of his bit of history.