Jackson and Atogwe are great examples, building blocks

The Rams have had their share of bad luck over the last three seasons. Bad drafts, bad free agent signings and bad salary cap management have conspired to render the Rams 6-38 in their last 44 games.

But there is some luck at Rams Park. Their two best players…their two best playmakers…happen to be their most competitive guys.

In many 1-11 situations, good players that suffer an injury would shut ‘er down for the final four games. But here are the Rams, with Steven Jackson nursing a back injury 

that won’t get better until after the season, and Oshimigo Atogwe suffering from a torn labrum, and both want to play.

Jackson was thought to have back spasms. After missing every practice for two weeks, but still getting over 30 touches in each game, Jackson told us this injury will affect him for the rest of the season. He’s an absolute gamer, and the Rams are fortunate to have him.

Atogwe was injured in Sunday’s loss to the Bears.




After dislocating his shoulder, he came back to the sideline after halftime to lend knowledge and cheer on his teammates. Many players in a similar situation would have been in the warmth of the locker room, but not this competitor.

After finding out he’s got a torn labrum, Atogwe was trying to figure out a way to play, rather than rushing into surgery. If he does, it’ll be one of the most amazing feats in Rams history.

The Rams may be 1-11 and without much of a future, but they have fine examples for a young team in Jackson and Atogwe. If nothing else, the building blocks for greatness are in place.