Lance Armstrong: The Best Athlete Ever

It’s an age-old sports argument…who are the greatest athletes of our generation?

We saw this past weekend with Roger Federer and Tiger Woods that they are the most dominant in their sports. There’s no question that those two are atop the list. Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Sidney Crosby and Albert Pujols are there, too.

However, is anyone as great as Lance Armstrong? Here’s a guy that won the most grueling event in sports, The Tour De France, seven times, and retired after winning his seventh in 2005. Oh, by the way, he overcame cancer to win the last six of those tours.

After a three year layoff, Armstrong is making a comeback. When he announced it, I said “why?” I didn’t think there was any way he could compete.

But here he is, within a second of the lead after the fourth stage. Under the intense spotlight and scrutiny of the most tested event in sports. Believe me, the people that run the tour would LOVE to “get” Lance on a PED positive test.

But he’s too smart, and too good for that. At the age of 37, truly remarkable. Lance Armstrong is the greatest athlete of our time.