Lets go, whomever is playing the Bucs.

OK, Rams fans. We have a definite, singular rooting interest now.

Jets, Seahawks, Saints and Falcons. If those four teams can knock off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the next four weekends, the Rams can pretty much assure themselves the top pick in April’s draft.

After Cleveland beat Pittsburgh last night, the Rams and the Bucs are alone as one-win teams. Unless both St. Louis and Tampa come up with blind luck wins over the last quarter of the season, one of them will have the top pick, who will be Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

At the moment, the Rams opponents for the 16 games of the season have accumulated 105 wins. Tampa’s have earned 110 wins. In the event of a tie, the team that has the worst record with the easiest schedule gets the higher pick. So if the Rams and Tampa both finish with one win, the Rams…if things stay as they are…will he able to pick Suh.

I’m not a fan of taking defensive tackles (Dan Wilkinson, Steve Emtman, anyone?) with the top pick, or top five picks. But, with all the questions about the rest of the first round crop, he’s the only logical choice. You don’t want to be number two and take a quarterback, receiver or running back you have questions about. I have questions about Suh, but nobody else does…so he’s the guy.

Go Tennessee. Go Houston. Go Arizona. Go San Francisco. And by extension, Go Rams.