Let’s see Mizzou win some more border wars

We had Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz on the show yesterday, and at the end of the interview I brought up the idea that I’d like to see a border series between Iowa and Mizzou. Ferentz reminded me that the series was in place, but Missouri backed out of the contract.

With Illinois coming off the schedule after next year, I would hope that if Mizzou isn’t going to schedule traditional powers like USC, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Alabama and Miami (all of whom they’ve played in the past), they’ll schedule some border schools.

I’m not saying for every week of the non-conference schedule. I’m suggesting that if they play one BCS conference school that isn’t a traditional power, how about Iowa, Arkansas, Tennessee or Kentucky? Wouldn’t that be fun? That way, you can play your Furman, Nevada, and Bowling Green…AND have a BCS game that’s easy to get to for Mizzou fans. Even Northwestern would be a fun weekend trip.

In 2011, the Tigers play Western Illinois, in 2012 they host SIU. Those are nice…but I’m thinking about scheduling the likes of Indiana from the Big Ten…like they’ve done for 2013-14.

I’ve accepted the cupcakes. But if you aren’t going to play a power, let’s see a natural rival.