Look out for the Dodgers

Isn’t it interesting how, once a team gets to the playoffs, there are no good choices of which team to play?

Sure, there are teams you’d rather take on than others, but they’re all tough.

Look at the Cardinals, as they’re likely to play the Dodgers in the first round of the playoffs. A month ago, I didn’t want to see Philadelphia because of their exceptional lefthanded pitching. Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels and J.A. Happ were going to be difficult for the Cardinals, as were the offense featuring Chase Utley and St. Louisan Ryan Howard.

I was thinking Colorado, especially if they were holding on despite losing Aaron Cook, Huston Street and having Jason Marquis on their roster. The concern about the Rockies, in my mind, was that if they made the playoffs, they were going to be hot. And they are. Philly and Colorado should be quite a series.

But look at the Dodgers. Even though they’ve struggled to clinch the NL West, they are getting their team back as the playoffs begin. Clayton Kershaw was out with a seperated right shoulder. Expect the lefty to start game two against the Cardinals. Randy Wolf will start game one, so the Cards have to deal with tough lefties. Jonathon Broxton is closing as well as he has all season, and the eighth inning, with George Sherrill, is fine.

The Dodger lineup is coming around. Rafael Furcal has been on fire for a couple of weeks. Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier have had great seasons. Now third baseman Casey Blake is almost healthy. And we know what Manny Ramirez is like come playoff time.

Even though the Dodgers are the team I WANT the Cardinals to play, they still scare me.