Maybe it wasn’t the drafting, but the coaching

It was interesting watching the Saints on defense last night…a defense, by the way, that has six touchdowns. The Rams have six touchdowns on offense.

But the Saints have Anthony Hargrove at defensive end and Scott Schanle at linebacker.

Brandon Chillar is doing a nice job and getting a lot of playing time in Green Bay, working behind Ryan Pickett.

Damione Lewis is starting and playing well for the league’s seventh ranked defense in Carolina.

Jimmy Kennedy is a nice fill-in for the Williams boys in Minnesota.

Pisa Tinoisamoa was starting and playing well for Chicago before he…as usual…got hurt…

Jon Alston is playing for the dysfunctional Raiders.

That’s eight defensive front seven players that the Rams drafted and that are, in most cases, playing well for good defenses.

We blame the past drafts for much of the Rams lack of success. Some of that blame has to go to poor coaching of those players by previous staffs.

Lets hope that as the Steve Spagnuolo era unfolds, the players the Rams draft are playing for good units here, rather than elsewhere.