More greatness at Busch Stadium


Watching Tim Lincecum dominate the Cardinals at Busch Stadium with a complete game two-hitter brought to mind another 5-11, 170 pound righthander…Pedro Martinez.



The former Dodger, Expo, Red Sox and Mets righthander was the exact same size as Lincecum…and had similar stuff. Mike Shannon once said Pedro had the best stuff he’d ever seen. I’m not so sure I’ve seen better than Lincecum against the Cardinals.

Here’s a guy that struck out eight, tossed nine innings, and only needed 95 pitches to do it. This was Greg Maddux with a 95 mph fastball. For a hard throwing, strikeout pitcher, Lincecum was amazingly efficient.

Pedro achieved dominance at 25, while the Giants righthander did so at 24…and to be fair, Martinez was unreal with the ’97 Expos…striking out 305 in 241 innings and compiling a 1.90 ERA. Lincecum hasn’t done that yet…but it wouldn’t be surprising if he did.

Sometimes in sports we’re afforded the opportunity to see an all-time great. Monday night at Busch Stadium, we have had one of those rare opportunities.

I kind of think we should get another one…on July 14 at the All Star game.