NFL Quick Hits: Quinn’s Misstep and Bryant’s Continued Troubles

Common sense has taken a vicious beating this NFL offseason…

+ Robert Quinn became the 25th player to be arrested this offseason after he was charged with DWI on July 10. Seeing as how his DWI arrest was the first strike in the eyes of the NFL and Roger Goodell, it’s unlikely that he’ll be suspended this season. But considering he was forced to sit out the entire 2010 season at North Carolina after lying to the NCAA about receiving improper benefits, Jeff Fisher may want to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with his starting right defensive end. Clearly Quinn’s decision-making is questionable at best.

+ Apparently Marshawn Lynch’s attorney believes that his client’s recent DUI arrest has a good chance to be thrown out due to “discrepancies” in BAC tests. That’s a relief. For a moment, it looked like Lynch would actually have to suffer the consequences of his actions.

+ Assuming Goodell suspends him for multiple games this season, one good thing to come out of Lynch’s arrest (besides the fact that he didn’t kill himself or another person) is that Robert Turbin should get extra looks this offseason. The 2012 fourth-round pick is a 220-pound battering ram that has no problem running North and South. The former Utah State product was very productive in 2011, earning WAC Offensive Player of the Year honors after rushing for 1,517 yards. Turbin figured to be in the mix before Lynch’s arrest, but now he could have a golden opportunity to stand out in camp and the preseason.

+ Unless they’re defending their lives there’s absolutely no reason for a man to lay hands on a woman, especially when that woman is his mother. Listening to Dez Bryant’s mother tell 911 dispatchers that her son tried to kill her was disturbing. But what was really frightening was listening to her basically say that this wasn’t the first time Bryant had assaulted her. Ultimately it’s up to the individual to make good decisions, but Jerry Jones has invested over $8 million guaranteed on Bryant – it would behoove him and the Cowboys to get the young man some real help.

+ The players involved in the NFL concussion suit can’t be real pleased with the comments Troy Polamalu made recently on “The Dan Patrick Show.” The Steelers’ All-Pro safety admitted that he’s had numerous concussions in his career and has lied about injuries in order to keep playing. Polamalu should be commended for his honesty, but if players are keeping injuries from their training staff then it makes it difficult for former greats to convince a judge that the NFL has been negligent with player safety.

+ Santonio Holmes is apparently confused by the role that the media plays. In a recent podcast interview with, Holmes instructed the New York media to write positive things about the Jets. Said Holmes, “If you guys want to be, and this is for the New York media, if you guys want to be a part of our team and want to feel so important, be there to support us, not try to break us down. Because (there’s) not a day that we all step in that locker room and we try to break each other down, that we talk bad about the way that person played because it affects the team the way one person plays if they don’t play to perfection.” Somebody should remind Holmes that he’s the one with the New York Jets logo in the top corner of his paycheck – not Brian Costello of the New York Post. The Jets don’t pay the media to keep things positive. Besides, Holmes was the one who last October ripped his own offensive line for not giving Mark Sanchez enough time to complete passes. If he wants everyone to be more positive, he should start with himself.

+ Michael Vick should try and win one Super Bowl before he declares the Eagles a potential dynasty. It’s hard to fault the guy for being confident, but talk about putting the cart before the horse.

+ Both the Ravens and Bears did well to sign their respective running backs to long-term deals earlier this week. But Baltimore really had no choice. If Matt Forte were to hold out during the season, the Bears would be without one of their primary playmakers, but they could compete with Michael Bush and a passing game that featured Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. If Ray Rice weren’t around in Baltimore, the Ravens would have a hard time winning behind the combination of Joe Flacco and Anthony Allen. Just sayin’.

+ While driving around Miami last weekend, Elvis Dumervil and his friend didn’t take kindly to another car cutting them off. So these two buffoons got out of their car and approached the other driver while lifting up their shirts to show off their guns, which led to Dumervil’s arrest for felony assault. Mind you, this is a man worth over $43 million in guaranteed money, which begs the question: How screwed up is our society that Elvis Dumervil is making $43-plus million?

+ Faced with jail time, all of a sudden Terrell Owens has the money to pay back the child support he owed. Funny how that works out.