No easy answers in the Atogwe riddle

If I were in the Rams shoes, I’d be really torn about OJ Atogwe.


He’s one of the best in the league at taking the football away. In 2006-2008, he was among the best in the NFL at taking the ball away. He had 11 forced fumbles and 16 interceptions in those three years. Last year, he had two forced fumbles and three int’s before injuring his shoulder against Chicago.

So he’s great at that. He is not a great tackler. We’ve seen time and again how he had a runner lined up…but missed the tackle or it was broken. He’s a one trick pony…but the trick is really, really good.

The Rams want their safeties to be interchangeable. Steve Spagnuolo had Gibril Wilson and James Butler, two big, tough safeties with the Giants. Rams coaches will tell you they want their FS to be able to approach the line of scrimmage and defend the run, and the SS to be able to stay back.

If they think they can coach Atogwe to be that guy…a solid tackler even after a severe shoulder injury…they should do everything possible to bring him back. If not…if he’s not a good fit for their defense…they should save the money and start preparing someone…Ron Bartell?…to play free safety and move forward.