On Lawrence Phillips, Rick Pitino, Chase Daniel and more

Former Ram Lawrence Phillips, who was convicted on seven felony assault counts in San Diego yesterday, has now eclipsed his NFL touchdown total of fifteen with the number of felony counts he’s been convicted on.


Yesterday, LP was convicted on seven charges of choking and assaulting his girlfriend, choking her unconcious TWICE in 2005. (Ummm, after he choked her unconcious once, should she have still been his girlfriend?) Add that to the seven counts he was convicted of for running down teenagers that had beaten him in a pickup football game, and we’re at fourteen counts right off the bat.

In 1997, after leaving St. Louis, Phillips had pled no contest to an assault charge in Miami for beating up a woman that wouldn’t dance with him at a club. In 2000, he pled guilty to a domestic violence charge in Beverly Hills. Add his Nebraska indiscretions before he got to the NFL (Felony assault conviction). The guy has committed more crimes (convicted on at least seventeen felony counts) than he scored NFL touchdowns (15). I would say he’s had a better criminal career than NFL career, but the fact that he’s been caught and convicted so much leads me to believe that the crime career hasn’t gone so well.

Rick Pitino, the married head basketball coach at Louisville,


admits to police that he hooked up with a woman in a Louisville restaurant. Don’t gloss over that. A RESTAURANT. On the bar? In a booth? Gets her pregnant. (As an aside, isn’t this REALLY like a soap opera? Man and woman hook up one time, and almost without fail she winds up expecting. Talk about luck) Anyway, the woman informs Pitino that they have a little one on the way, and he finances her abortion to the tune of $3000. Let’s be honest…is this the type of leadership we want from our college coaches? Granted, this woman’s side of the story is suspicious. She filed rape charges, and it appears her story has as many holes as a package of swiss cheese. But, if you have a seventeen year old, do you really want THIS guy around him most of the time during those important college years? Is Pitino really a guy to teach your son adult values? Really? But, he can get your kid to the NBA. So he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

Redskins QB Chase Daniel was in The Fast Lane yesterday. I love the underdog, “I’ll show you,” story. I’m rooting hard for the guy. He gets a chance tomorrow night against the Ravens. I’m not going to underestimate Daniel,


because I know he’s going to get into that huddle, with his charisma, and lead the offense. If the ‘Skins coaching staff is smart enough to utilize him, Daniel will make that team and be a big part of winning. After all, that’s what he does, win.

After seeing Kevin Youkilis charge Rick Porcello last night,


don’t you wish we’d see more Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura incidents? Now that Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo have cleared waivers, what exactly does Walt Jocketty plan to do? NOBODY is going to take those contracts, not even the Yankees. Maddenoliday is tomorrow. Annual exercise with the son, Steak & Shake at 11:00, to Game Stop for the midnight release, and then games til about 3:00 in the morning. The Cardinals should take a look at released Angel righthanded reliever Justin Speier.

OK, that’s all. Off to disrupt a town hall meeting. Have a good day.