On Valentines Week, why do we love thee so much?

A lot of times, those of us that love sports more than pretty much anything else (sorry, family), are asked why we have such an attachment. How can we spend so much time, invest so much money, and pour so much emotion into something that other people are doing?

The answer, simply, is Mizzou-62 Kansas-60. We love the competition. We love that fact that, as Mizzou fans, our hearts sink when our team falls behind 30-16 at halftime. We’re intoxicated by the thrill of the rally, and of the Tigers clawing their way within three with 9:17 to go.

We, as sports fans, are then crushed, groaning in despair as KU rebuilds their lead to eleven…only to see a glimmer of hope when Mizzou gets within five with two and a half minutes to go.

Then, it doesn’t get any better. The emotional roller coaster provided by the thrill ride of Cole Aldrich dominating the boards, Sherron Collins missing free throws, of both teams exhibiting sensational defense and ruining possessions for the opposition is something we just don’t get elsewhere in life.

Then…the penultimate moment, when Zaire Taylor hits the winner provides thorough exhaustion and elation. One last chance for the Jayhawks is no good.

The excitement of competition, win or lose, is spectacular. As they said on Wide World of Sports many years ago…the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the human drama of athletic competition. That’s why we love sports, and we’re addicted.