Opening day…time for optimism?


Opening day is forecast to be cold and gloomy for Cardinal fans at Busch Stadium. Let’s hope that’s not a harbinger of things to come.

The Cardinals we’ll see on opening day will be skilled and have the ability to win a lot of games. But there are tons of questions, and little depth.

If a starting pitcher goes down, you’re looking at Mitchell Boggs as the sixth starter. If Jason Motte doesn’t work out as the closer, Ryan Franklin or Josh Kinney will handle the ninth inning. And if Franklin moves to the ninth, who pitches the eighth?

Position depth is just as disconcerting for me. With Troy Glaus down, the depth in the starting eight is lacking all around. Since we just don’t know about Chris Duncan and Colby Rasmus, and injury to Rick Ankiel or Ryan Ludwick would be a concern. And how is Skip Schumaker going to do at second?

Opening day is a time for hope, and the Cardinals have a chance to succeed in 2009. But if you live life looking at a half empty glass, then you have to worry about a gloomy opening day against Pittsburgh being an omen.