Patriots cheat again. Can the Rams benefit this time?


The Rams still need another running back…and I think one became available this weekend.

Our friend, St. Louis’ own Laurence Maroney of the Patriots, broke the golden rule in New England regarding injuries. He talked about one… and he may have gotten the franchise in trouble.

Prior to a charity softball game on Saturday, Maroney said I had a broken bone and I was trying to play with it,” It’s kind of hard to sit here and play and not tell people what is going on. Everybody is going to think one way because they don’t really know what’s going on. I dare anybody in this crowd to play football with a broken bone in your shoulder and you tell me how long you’re going to last out there.

“Doing it the second game and still trying to play, I feel like it still shows my toughness and my dedication to the team and how much I really want to contribute. The shoulder is great. Not good, great.”

Two problems for Maroney here. Number one, Bill Belichick and Ernie Adams don’t like guys talking about injuries…whenever they occur.

And number two, Maroney never showed up on an injury report. That’s a no-no in the NFL. As a matter of fact, reports that each team had to sign an affidavit…owner, GM and coach…saying they didn’t break rules last year.

Not that the Patriots would ever get punished by the NFL, but they will punish a stray sheep.

The Rams should make the call now, while Belichick is still mad.