Patriots cheating reaches new depths

First, there was the mugging of the Ram receivers in Super Bowl XXXVI. Even though they weren’t called for the penalties, the New England Patriots’ actions brought about a crackdown by officials on NFL rules for illegal contact and defensive holding.

Then, there was Spygate. The Patriots covert video taping of opponent’s defensive signals…an indiscretion that brought about the loss of a first round draft pick and a big fine for the club.

Safety Rodney Harrison was suspended for four games at the beginning of 2007 for testing positive for a substance banned by the NFL.

Today, we learn that Patriots special teams whiz Larry Izzo will testify against Barry Bonds in Bonds’ perjury trial early next month. Izzo got performance enhancers from Bonds’ trainer, Greg Anderson. He cheated, too.

Where does it end for these guys? If the careers of Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, Bonds and Mark McGwire are tainted by the use of performance enhancers, how can New England’s success early in this decade not be?

The fact of the matter is that New England cheated their way to Super Bowl championships, and every one of their three Lombardi trophies is tarnished by the actions of their cheaters.