Please, St. Louis, be smart football fans

I was talking to a friend today about the 0-5 Rams…he was expressing frustration with the whole operation, which I understand. The team has lost fifteen in a row, and they’ve looked bad in the process. And, the talent level leaves something to be desired.

I can understand frustration with the way things are going, but this guy was already frustrated with Steve Spagnuolo…saying he isn’t the answer.

Come on. They’re 0-5.

0-5 club, minus 15 in the turnover ratio…outscored by 72 points in the first five games…absolutely that can be turned around.

How do I know? Because the Rams are only -7 in the turnover ratio, not minus 15. They’ve allowed 146 points.

The 0-5 team I speak of is the 1981 Washington Redskins. They won their sixth game, finished 8-8, and won the Super Bowl the following year…and coach Joe Gibbs led the ‘Skins to four Super Bowls, and three wins…all after starting his career 0-5.

The Rams are trying to turn around a damaged cruise ship in the middle of the ocean here. You could have had Vince Lombardi as head coach, Bill Parcells as defensive coordinator and Bill Walsh as offensive coordinator…and this team would still stink. The talent level isn’t there.

It’s not Spagnuolo. It’s not. Just like it wasn’t Gibbs in Washington, Jimmy Johnson when he started 0-8 with the Cowboys, or Chuck Noll when he lost 13 straight in his first year in Pittsburgh. Be smart football fans, and wait til he has some at least average players before you judge this coach.