So, the Browns want Sam Bradford, huh?

OK, word in from the Cleveland Browns that they have talked to the Rams about the top pick in the NFL draft.D’Marco Farr and I are role playing in the office, he being Browns G.M. Tom Heckert, me being Billy Devaney…


Tom.I’ll move this pick, but I’ll do it reluctantly.Cripes, you’re getting Peyton Manning here.So here’s what we need…


Round 1: No. 7 overall
Round 2: No. 38 overall
Round 3: No. 71 overall
Round 3: No. 85 overall
Round 3: No. 92 overall
Round 4: No. 105 overall

Plus, your left tackle, Joe Thomas


and your return guy, Josh Cribbs.


You get the #1 overall and Alex Barron to play LT.

D’Marco (after some consternation):I can’t give up Thomas.I need Thomas and Bradford


together.I’ll give you those picks, Cribbs and my #1 next year.

Me:Shoot, I need Thomas.I’m giving up an elite quarterback here.I need skill guys, like Thomas and Cribbs.Thomas is a deal breaker.

D’Marco:OK.Have a nice day.I have Adam Schefter on the other line.I’m going to tell him about this.What’s going on there?

Me:We’re good with Bradford.We have no problem going to the Super Bowl in three or four years.Enjoy Jake Delhomme.