The gauntlet goes down to America…

One of the great things about having so many great national broadcasters from St. Louis is that they spread the word about our sports town.

Dan Dierdorf, Bob Costas, John Kelly, Bill McDermott and Joe Buck all do work in at least one sport on a national level. In addition, J.P. Dellacamera, Greg Amsinger of the MLB Network, and now Trent Green are all former St. Louisans singing the praises of our sports town.

Even though things aren’t very good for the Rams, we are going to sell out the Dome on Sunday. The Blues expect EVERY game to be sold out this season, and Cardinal Nation surprised the franchise with about 500,000 more tickets sold than had been planned on.

Joe Buck has gone so far as to call St. Louis the best sports city in America and challenged everyone else to live up to us.

Even though our city had a lot of problems…American Airlines treating us like the 60th market, Anheuser-Busch getting sold and numerous Fortune 500 companies moving their headquarters out…we still have our passion. And, we still have our guys touring the country singing the praises of that passion.