The Greatest Weekend in Sports

Different fans have different opinions, but there’s really only one Greatest Weekend in Sports, and it’s this weekend…NFL divisional playoff weekend.

You get the four best teams from America’s favorite sport, all playing on the same weekend against teams angling for an upset or a Cinderella Story. Is there any doubt that the two best teams in the NFC in 2008 were the New York Giants and Carolina, and that the two best in the AFC were Tennessee and Pittsburgh? Not in my mind.

Beyond those four teams, you have perhaps the hottest team left in the tournament in San Diego, the Cinderella comeback story of Kurt Warner and the Cardinals, maybe the biggest threat to the Big Four in Baltimore, and an in-season comeback story like Donovan McNabb and the Eagles.

The Indy 500 may have been the Greatest Spectacle in Sports a few years ago. Some will point to College Basketball’s Final Four weekend. But for my money, for the true sports fan, the only weekend that can claim the title as the best for sports is the one upcoming…Saturday and Sunday with the NFL divisional round.