There aren’t many chances like the one the Rams have now

As you might expect at a players on-campus workout, Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford wowed the masses today when he worked out for NFL scouts in Norman.

Depending on whom you listen to, Bradford either threw 50 or 63 passes.However, everyone agreed that the ball barely hit the ground…either once or not at all.


The Rams have to rely on what they saw on tape of Bradford’s actual game action at Oklahoma.And that was pretty good, too.

Bottom line…if Bradford proved that he’s healthy, and then does so again the week of the draft when the Rams work him out privately…he’s the guy.The Rams desperately need a quarterback, and have a rare opportunity to get one of the franchise variety.

The Rams should get him, coach him up, and have him start the 2010 opener, or shortly thereafter. That’s how Denver did it with John Elway, Dallas did it with Troy Aikman, and Indy did it with Peyton Manning.And there you have 10 Super Bowl appearances and six championships.It’s a quarterback league, and Bradford has a chance to be a great one, for our team.