There isn’t another Michael

Michael Jordan carried the Bulls to six NBA Championships.

Kobe Bryant, arguably, has carried the Los Angeles Lakers to none.

In the 90’s, in basketball-only years (leaving out Jordan’s baseball dalliance), the Bulls played in 24 post-season series, and won 24.

Bryant’s Lakers (not Shaq’s Lakers) have played in seven post-season series, winning four.

After the Thursday night meltdown against Houston, Bryant has a chance to carry his club to a series victory.

In series clinching situations, Jordan was 29-10. However, in all but three of those situations, Jordan’s team won. Perspective: when Michael was with the Bulls, they had an opportunity to clinch 32 series, and they won 29.

Is Kobe the next Michael? No. Never will be. Is LeBron? Nope, not him either. Once he gets halfway to Jordan, with three titles, we’ll talk.