There’s not much better than a good bike ride

One of my favorite…perhaps my FAVORITE lifelong activity has been going for a bike ride.

Whether it was going to a friends house during elementary school, making my way from Creve Coeur to Chesterfield, Town and Country or Manchester as a young teenager, or riding a trail as an adult, I’ve pretty much always, except for ages 17-21 (driving was cool, bicycling wasn’t), really enjoyed riding my bicycle.

I got a bike for Christmas when I was six and another for my eleventh birthday. I bought one…a Raleigh Marathon touring bike,


when I was 21,



and I bought a GT Karakoram mountain bike… when I was 27.

Last year, I got this one, a Trek Navigator hybrid (AKA old people’s bike) for my 46th birthday. And I remember getting each of them vividly. In fact, I still have the last three, which are pictured.

We have a jewel in St. Louis in the trail at Creve Coeur Park.


Even when it’s hot out, I try to get out in the morning and take a ride. If you have time, you can cross the Page extension with the bicycle bridge and go to the Katy trail.

If you haven’t taken a bike ride lately, revisit your childhood and do so. It’s relaxing, it’s great exercise, and it’s great scenery. Even for us “adults.”