Tiger-as amazing off the course as on

Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez and Michael Vick…and every other athlete that engages in off-the field/court/course transgressions…take note.

Tiger Woods has outstanding management with IMG. And, he clearly has public relations savvy.

I said in yesterday’s blog that Tiger did owe his public and his sponsors a response to what he did. We didn’t need every detail…he just needed to apologize for his behavior.

And, his statement was absolutely magnificent. It’s the best…in any endeavor…that I’ve ever seen. Nixon, Clinton, athletes. His words, his tenor, his approach was absolutely spectacular.

To have the courage to hope at the end of his speech, that we could find it in our hearts to believe in him again, tells me that he wants to be a role model, he wants to re-earn our faith in the image that he’s cultivated.

We are a forgiving culture. After his speech, when he comes back, I don’t see how anyone can not forgive him.

Tiger Woods gets it. He’s flawed. He’s admitted that he is flawed. And he understands that there should be limits placed on people that have earned his place in society.

Good for him.