To steal an idea from Larry King….

I watched the Rams-Patriots Super Bowl again last night on the NFL Network. Two things about that game never change. The Patriots win, and the Rams get screwed…that Kurt Warner, if he gets the Cardinals a Lombardi Trophy, he’s the greatest magician in NFL History..the Cubs get Aaron Heilmann and Kevin Gregg, and the Cards get Royce Ring and Trever Miller. Whose bullpen got better this off-season?…the Chicken Caesar salad from the CitiPlace cafe is off the charts…if we ever schedule a bout between Fastlane producer Chris (Bear) Gardner and D’Marco Farr, put my $100 on number 75…if they’re going to shut down schools for snow, shouldn’t they shut down their parents’ work, too?…I always start with, then, but is a fabulous website…speaking of fabulous websites, I have lots of imaginary friends on Facebook. Farr is addicted to that site

I used to think I was a good driver in the snow. Now I’m not so sure…if you’ve never seen The Legend of Baggar Vance from 2000, with Matt Damon and Will Smith, it’s worth your time…if you set me down and make me watch a thriller trilogy, I’ll take the first three Indiana Jones over the Bourne flicks by a nose…I still don’t think there’s been a NFL team with more personality than the ’85 Bears…is there a better value in big screen TV’s than Mitsubishi?…got a BlackBerry for Christmas, and now I know why they call them CrackBerries. I can’t get enough of it…will Bruce Springsteen be the greatest halftime show in Super Bowl history? U2 can’t win because they played SBXXXVI…I miss Up With People…I’m going with Southwest fare on Sunday, taco bar and quesedillas…run, don’t walk, to Poptions gourmet popcorn at Lindbergh and Clayton. Amazing. …say, what ever happened to Yves Belanger?…Bob Ramsey turned me on to a switch from regular Mountain Dew to Diet Mountain Dew, and it’s one of the best moves I’ve ever made…

Cardinals score four touchdowns on the Steeler defense. Official prediction coming on Friday’s show….