Tony, just listen to Bernie every time

The date was May 17. The Cardinals were coming off a 1-5 road trip to Houston and Cincinnati in which they had scored nineteen runs in six games, winning only a Friday night affair. On the Monday following the last game of the trip, Bernie Miklasz noted in a blog at and on his 101 ESPN show that the numbers suggested Matt Holliday and Albert Pujols flip-flop in the lineup, that Pujols should hit fourth and Holliday third.

Cardinal manager Tony LaRussa was likely listening that day. He made the switch, and the Cardinals beat Washington 6-2. The win started a 5-2 homestand and the Cardinals benefitted from the change.

Fast forward to today. After an eerily similar road trip to Los Angeles and Arizona, in which the Cardinals went 1-5 and scored nineteen runs…winning only on Friday night, the Cardinals hosted Seattle. During his show and in his blog…which coincides with the time LaRussa would be driving to work, Bernie displayed the numbers as to why Holliday should hit second, and Ryan Ludwick should hit cleanup.

Lo and behold, the Cardinal manager made that exact move tonight, and as I write this the Cardinals have defeated the Mariners, 9-3 Bernie suggested it, the manager did it, and it worked.

My advice for LaRussa…listen to Bernie on the way to work. It leads to wins, and happiness for everyone.