UConn and UCLA? Ugottabekidding.

So I’m watching my free preview of the MLB extra innings package last night, and decide to see what’s on ESPN.Lo and behold, I flip to the Worldwide Leader at halftime of the women’s NCAA Championship game, and Stanford leads UConn, 20-12.

My interest piqued, I started to flip back there on a regular basis, as the Huskies stormed back and eventually took the lead and won their seventh national title.


As it became apparent that Connecticut was going to win, ESPN started flashing stats and graphics comparing this team and it’s 78 game winning streak to the UCLA MEN’S 88 game winning streak back in the 70’s.Number of games won by nine or fewer points, number of championships, etc.And they were SERIOUS!!!

Please.I turned to my 15 year old son and said “you know what this reminds me of?When ESPN televises the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating conteston July 4th.”

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, they open their telecast by saying that the upcoming contest is the biggest sports event in America, bigger than the World Series and the Super Bowl combined.


Some of the lines from previous eating contests…

“For Kobiashi to come out and eat like this, is a singular instance of valor.”

“The entire free world is focused on these two men.” (Joey Chestnut and Kobiashi)

“This will be the greatest moment in the history of American sports.”

“Unbelieveable valor.”

“He may have changed the course of this nation.Chestnut is a true American Hero.”

Nothing against the UConn women.The streak is great and at their own level, they are great too.But lets be honest.Comparing UConn to UCLA’s 88 game winning streak is akin to comparing the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest to the Super Bowl or the World Series.

Just stop it, OK?