Vick can work, just don’t let it be in my town

So the question is, should the Rams, or any other team, sign Michael Vick? I have no problem with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reinstating the dog killer, but I don’t want him on my team.

But, you say, how can you feel good about having Leonard Little on your team? I don’t feel good about it. As I’ve sat in the stands at Rams games, I don’t believe I’ve ever applauded Little during an introduction or after he made a play or a sack. My preference would be to have players not involved with such incidents on their resume, so just because Little is on the team doesn’t mean Vick should be.

And let’s settle the differences between Little and Vick right now. First of all, Little drank too much, got in his car, and plowed into the vehicle driven by Susan Gutweiler in September of 1998. There was no intent to hurt, let alone kill anyone.

Vick took dogs that had lost fights and hanged them from a tree. He attached wires to Pit Bull’s testicles to electrocute them. He held living, breathing dogs, with his hand, under water and drowned them. He took them by the collar and slammed dogs against pavement, as they squealed in pain, until the life was beaten out of them.

What Little did was make a horrendous mistake that resulted in a horrible accident. There was no apparent intent to kill Mrs. Gutweiler. But he did, and we all have to live with and deal with it. Vick INTENTIONALLY tortured and killed living creatures, with no regard whatsoever for their obvious pain, or for their life. It does not take a sick personality to do what Leonard Little did. For anyone that has gotten behind the wheel after having a few…or many…drinks, there but for the grace of God. Little was one of the unlucky ones. The rest are lucky to NOT be involved in a fatal accident. What Vick did does take a sick personality, and I hope it can be fixed, but I’m not sure.

So, like I said, I have no problem with Vick getting a chance to work again, even working in the NFL. I just don’t want him on my team, or in my town.