Yanks lose $10,000. A different car for the girlfriend?

OK, so you’re a World Champion New York Yankee, and because you won the World Series over the Phillies, you take home an extra $365,000 as part of your winner’s share.

After taxes, you get about 50% of that, and to be a nice guy, you buy your girlfriend a new Aston-Martin


with the money.

But wait! There’s a problem. The Major League Baseball Players Association, the union that doles out the shares, made a clerical error, and your take is only $355,000. You have to send $10,000 back to the union.

And you sure don’t want to spent part of your salary on a girlfriend…just a bonus.

So, you return the Aston-Martin. Now, the car is


Mercedes SLK-Class.

In my opinion, a better product of the bonus, anyway.