Yippee!!! A reality show for T.O.


Word came down Monday that Terrell Owens will have his own reality show on VH-1 starting this summer. For four or five months, we’re going to have to wait with breathless anticipation of seeing T.O. doing sit-ups in his driveway, of him shopping for

Sharpies to sign game balls with, of battling with assistant coaches and his quarterback during mini-camp.

I must confess, my anticipation isn’t breathless. In fact, my anticipation is non-existent. To borrow from another children’s book author, (T.O. penned “Little T learns to share),

I do not like him on TV,

I do not like him scoring TD’s

I will not watch on VH-1,

I will not watch TO, yes none,

I do not like him on the ‘Pokes,

I do not like those Cowboy Folks,

I hope it winds up as a flop,

I hope the show’s a TO drop.

I’m amazed by the fascination with the guy. He’s a loser. He doesn’t play well with others. He’s not accountable for his actions. I will grant you that he isn’t a troublemaker off the field. Owens hasn’t been involved in any legal issues. But he continues to rip apart teams and ruin the chemistry of every locker room he enters because of his cancerous personality. I’m a little surprised the Cowboys will let this happen at Valley Ranch.

It’s a shock that ESPN didn’t pick this one up.

One more piece of bad programming to chip away at our cultural well being. I’ll be watching baseball this summer.