You can’t win if you have bad players…

Why are the Rams bad?

Here’s why. They don’t have talent. We talk in The Fast Lane about “churning the bottom of the roster,” and here’s why.

Of the 53 man roster the Rams had for their finale in Atlanta last season, 25 of those players are not playing for the Rams this year. Three…Adam Carriker, Eric Bassey and Eric Moore…are on injured reserve.

Another six are on other roster. Pisa Tinoisamoa, Torry Holt, Orlando Pace, Brett Romberg and Antwan Burton are on other teams.

That means Quentin Culberson, Chris Draft, Todd Johnson, Joe Klopfenstein, Travis Minor, Corey Chavous, Antonio Pittman, Jason Craft, Corey Withrow, Roy Scheuning, Dane Looker, LaRoi Glover, Trent Green, Brock Berlin, Fakhir Brown and Anthony Davis were on the Rams but are out of the NFL.

Sixteen guys that nobody else in the NFL wanted for their team.

That, my friends, is a large bottom of the roster. That’s what makes a bad team.