You learn something new every day!

I made my daily trip to Dierberg’s this morning, and among the purchases of beer, soda, paper plates, cups (fantasy football end of season party, not a typical weekend) was the selection of laundry detergent. Tide. For Front-Loaders.

I don’t own a Front-Loader. I own a Top-Loader. Front-Loaders evidently are more eco-friendly than Top-Loaders. They use less water, and less detergent. As they use less detergent, there are fewer suds. As it turns out, you need more, stonger detergent for a Top-Loader than a Front-Loader.

Who knew? I saw the orange bottle, saw that it included Febreze freshness, and went on my merry way. It wasn’t until I got home that I got the talk about Tide for Front-Loaders.

You have been warned. If you own a top-loader, get the Tide that DOESN’T say “for Front-Loaders.” Otherwise, your detergent isn’t going to be strong enough. And by all means, if you own a front loader…unless you want your house to be a huge bubble bath, don’t buy the top-loader stuff next time you go.

My mistake will necessitate another trip to Dierberg’s today. It won’t be my first two-trip to Dierberg’s day. But I’ll watch the Titans beat the Ravens, and then the Panthers drill the Cardinals, at peace with the knowledge that my clothes will be properly cleaned this weekend. No Buffalo Wild Wing sauce stains for Rammer and D’Marco on Monday.

Now that I think about it, can I really watch the games in peace? I bought Cascade dish detergent with Shine Shield and Grease Fighting Power. Did I buy the right stuff?