National Hockey League

NHL announces Return to Play Plan


Well Blues fans, no wait…sports fans, we finally have something to be excited for. Live sports. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced today that the RTP (Return to Play) Committee have agreed on the 24-team format when play is allowed to begin and officially completes the 2019-2020 season. We still don’t have any concrete dates of when things can officially begin, or really anything new, but this is the path to having sports back again. A 24-team playoff format that will include a round-robin tournament for playoff seeding among the top four teams in each conference, and then a play-in competition for teams 5-12. These tournaments will take place in a hub city for the West and the East. The 7 teams that will not return to action will be placed into a draft lottery system for positioning in the upcoming NHL Draft.

Is it the same type of NHL playoffs? No. Is it fair to every team? No. Are we pumped to have some type of sporting event inching closer to its return? Absolutely. This is the best thing for the NHL to get things back to the way it was and a tone setter for the NBA, MLB & NFL when their seasons are set to begin.

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