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  • Shmeebs and GoT Draft Evals

    What’s the difference between a shmeeb and a herb? Ceruti and FreezePops enlighten Michelle. Also, Small Talk’s Game of Thrones Correspondent Tommy Rees joins the show as the crew provides thorough NFL Draft evaluations for…

  • Ep. 138 Wrestling- STL Anarchy’s Evan Gelistico

    STL Anarchy’s Evan Gelistico talks to Jason Frazier about the upcoming Ladies Night event and more.

  • GoT Correspondent and 10,000 Frogs

    Southern Steve Ceruti is back from vacation, and poses the question – When is it OK to ask a celebrity for a picture? Plus … FreezePops‘s takes from Bumble Friend, the debut of Small Talk’s…

  • Ep. 137 MMA- Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp

    Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp talks to Jason & Jeremy about the legacy of Invicta, Women’s MMA and the upcoming one night strawweight championship tournament.

  • A One Mile Race and A+ Content

    Who would win in a one mile race: Michelle, Ceruti or FreezePops? The squad debates it, plus baby names and the latest installment of A+ Content.

  • Ep. 136 MMA- Dustin Poirier

    UFC Lightweight Dustin Poirier discusses his upcoming interim title fight at UFC 236. Jason and Jeremy look ahead to the potential DC vs Lesnar and go over other top MMA headlines.

  • Ep. 136 Wrestling- ESPN’s Tim Fiorvanti

    ESPN Writer Tim Fiorvanti discusses Wrestlemania 35 and more with Jason Frazier in this episode.

  • April Fools Mystery + 10,000 Frogs

    Is April Fools Day for dweebs? Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops discuss, and try to solve an April Fools Day mystery. Plus, they debut the new feature, “10,000 Frogs.”

  • Ep. 257 – Cardinals’ Division is Best in National League

    The NL Central is shaping up to be the best division on the NL side this season.

  • Ep. 258 – Blues’ Odds as a Playoff Team

    The Blues are looking good in the home stretch with the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs just around the corner.