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World Series Champion Brad Thompson breaks down everything Redbirds. It's the Redbird Report Podcast with Brad Thompson on 101 ESPN.

Latest Episodes

Redbird Report Podcast – June 6th, 2023

– “Not Great”
– Is this division still winnable?
– Where is the offense?
– Have the starters turned a corner?
– What is Luken Baker’s role?

Redbird Report Podcast – May 22nd, 2023

– The Nolans are leading the way
– Pitchers are giving the offense a chance
– Is the rotation good enough?
– Is Paul DeJong officially back?
– Has Mercado earned more playing time?
– Pitchers look more comfortable with Contreras
– Need to gain ground on the upcoming road trip

Redbird Report Podcast – May 11th, 2023

– What’s a winning streak?
– Guess we should talk about Willson Contreras
– Paul DeJong is back, baby!
– Jack Flaherty and the pitching staff

Redbird Report Podcast – May 3rd, 2023

– Remembering Mike Shannon
– Worst start in 50 years!
– Have we seen anything like this recently?
– Nolan Arenado the key – is he close?
– How to keep the young players focused on the task at hand
– What is Oli’s message to this club?
– What to do with Steven Matz spot in the rotation?
– Flamethrowers debut

Redbird Report Podcast – April 25th, 2023

– Welcome to San Francisco
– Cardinals struggles continue in series openers
– What the heck is going on & who’s to blame?
– Welcome back Paul DeJong
– What do you do with all of these infielders?

Redbird Report Podcast – April 17th, 2023

– Why are the Cardinals struggling?
– Is starting pitching turning the corner?
– What are the woes with RISP?
– Nolan Gorman is on fire
– Nolan Arenado keeps rollin’
– Is Jordan Walker coming back to Earth?

Redbird Report Podcast – April 11th, 2023

– Cardinals starters continue to struggle
– Not taking advantage of RISP
– Jordan Walker still streaking
– Alec Burleson earning more opportunities
– Is the outfield too crowded?

Redbird Report Podcast – March 29th, 2023

– Can Jordan Walker make the most of his opportunity?
– Previewing Cardinals Opening Day lineup
– Any surprises on the Cardinals’ final roster?
– Miles Mikolas nabs Opening Day start and new contract
– Cardinals season predictions

Redbird Report Podcast – March 23rd, 2023

– Waino no bueno
– Who fits in the rotation?
– Could this be good news for the Cardinals & Waino?
– What have we learned so far in camp?
– What questions do we still have?
– Will a Cardinal get an extension before Spring ends?