Small Talk

Michelle Smallmon hosts Small Talk, a weekly conversation for its own sake.

Latest Episodes

Murphy Lee and A+ Content

Michelle and Ceruti are pumped to chat with a guy whose music they both grew up listening to: Rapper Murphy Lee. They get into his career coming out of St….

The Met Gala and Gift Giving

Michelle and Ceruti are back and talk about how football takes over peoples lives this time of year. They disagree on whether The Met Gala is cool or not. Ceruti…

Freaky Friday and The Friendship Crisis

Michelle and Ceruti talk about their “Freaky Friday” experience last week when Smallmon went to an MLS match and Ceruti traveled to Fenway Park for a Red Sox/Yankees game. Then…

The Space Pod: Space Travel and Space Jam

Michelle and Ceruti go interstellar this week with all the news about space right now. They give their thoughts on the Jeff Bezos Blue Origin mission, why it’s super underwhelming…

Spray Tans, the Euro Final and AITA?

Michelle got a spray tan and Ceruti has a ton of questions about it. Ceruti talks about Italy making the Euro final and why England fans are the worst. And…