Small Talk

Michelle Smallmon hosts Small Talk, a weekly conversation for its own sake.

Latest Episodes

RIP Choco Taco Plus The Drinking Game Draft

Michelle and Ceruti eulogize the Choco Taco plus Michelle has somehow never experienced an ice cream truck. Is the new Beyonce song good? Ceruti takes an L on an old Small Talk argument. Plus they close it out with a drinking game draft.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Advice Plus The New Dad Quiz

Michelle and Ceruti are back with some advice when on bachelor or bachelorette parties. Smallmon has a question about how to get in with the cool, young crowd at the gym and tells the story of her budding friendship with a Real Housewife. And finally, with the news that Ceruti is going be a dad, Michelle gives him the new dad quiz!

Michelle Upped Her Instagram Game Plus a Dating App Dilemma

Michelle and Ceruti begin with Smallmon’s recent Instagram content and why the streets are talking about her really upping her game. Then they play a game of “can Ceruti pronounce designer brand names?” before breaking down a dating app dilemma where a friend chats with some potential suitors. Finally, they close it out with a fresh edition of A+ Content.

"The Batman" Review Plus Top 5 Dude/Girl Crushes

Michelle and Ceruti open talking about interior design, what the hell “Art Deco” means and why Steve’s office looks like a 12-year-old boys room. Then they get into a debate…

The Alanis Doc and an AMA

Michelle and Ceruti talk about how much they loved the new Alanis Morissette documentary on HBO and why ‘You Oughta Know’ might be the GOAT angry breakup song. Then, they…

Murphy Lee and A+ Content

Michelle and Ceruti are pumped to chat with a guy whose music they both grew up listening to: Rapper Murphy Lee. They get into his career coming out of St….