Small Talk

Michelle Smallmon hosts Small Talk, a weekly conversation for its own sake.

Latest Episodes

Aunt Michelle and Reliving College

Michelle has been crushing Disney+ content and has a girl crush on Moana, Ceruti is really into the fashion in Hamilton, plus both discuss whether it’d be fun to relive…

State Comps and Star Spangled Bangerz

Jay Cutler’s glow-up, road rage, comparing states to sports, plus Smallmon and Ceruti tell you what songs you must have on your 4th of July playlist.

A Draft Trade and A Green Tea B

Ceruti proposes a trade in the State Draft … Does Michelle accept it? Plus Urban Dictionary phrases and The Ultimate Beach Playlists

State Draft

Michelle and Ceruti each draft 25 states from America to form new countries. Which state is the biggest boom or bust in this draft? Which state is sneaky cerebral? Which…

Would You Rather?

Michelle and Ceruti try to guess each other’s birthday, talk about partying in a cornfield, and play a game of “Would You Rather?”

Marvin Prince

Michelle, Ceruti and their friend Marvin Prince have an open and honest discussion about the murder of George Floyd, and institutionalized racism in America.

Ozarks Rant and Defining Cereal

Michelle and Ceruti rant about people partying in the Ozarks, the definition of cereal … but end things on a positive note in a new feature called ’Shoutout Corner’

Nelly Jams and Pizzagate

Michelle and Ceruti break down the Nelly/Ludacris Instagram battle, choose a band for every season, and discuss the final two episodes of “The Last Dance.”

Pics of an Ex and Saving Private Ryan

Michelle and Steve share the feedback they got on their Affair Interview, give their movie reviews of Goonies and Saving Private Ryan … + a debate about keeping photos of…