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101 ESPN presents the Gridiron Guys Podcast with Anthony Stalter and Super Bowl Champion Carey Davis. Head into the trenches as the guys tackle a wide range of topics in the world of football with the latest news, unique analysis, and insight into the NFL.

Latest Episodes

Gridiron Guys Podcast – May 22nd, 2023

NFC North & AFC North Win Total Predictions
Which AFC North team frustrates Carey the most?
Why do the guys disagree on the outlook in the NFC North?
Which win total does Anthony believe is too low?
Which win total do the guys agree is way too high?

Gridiron Guys Podcast – May 15th, 2023

NFC South & AFC South O/U Win Total Predictions
Which team’s win total led to the biggest disagreement?
Which team is Carey most down on in the NFC South?
Which win total does Anthony love to go under?

Gridiron Guys Podcast – May 8th, 2023

– The guys play Love it, Hate it or We’ll See: QB Edition
– Why are Carey and Anthony split on Jimmy G?
– Which recent SB team does Anthony think will have the No. 1 pick?
– Which team do the guys believe is a sleeper in the NFC?

Gridiron Guys Podcast – May 1st, 2023

– NFL Draft edition
– Did the Eagles win the Draft?
– Why does Anthony hate the Lions Draft?
– What really matters in building a winning team?
– What changed in the Lamar contract negotiations?
– Why does Carey believe the Packers & Jets both won the Rodgers trade?

Gridiron Guys Podcast – April 20th, 2023

– What did we learn about Hurts’ contract extension?
– Will Lamar sign with the Ravens following the OBJ deal?
– What makes for a dysfunctional organization?
– How much will Rodgers improve the Jets?

Gridiron Guys Podcast – April 6th, 2023

– Why do teams misevaluate the QB position?
– Tyreek Hill plans on retiring?
– Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud at No. 1?
– Why aren’t teams calling Lamar?
– Is Anthony Richardson at Top 5 pick?

Gridiron Guys Podcast – March 28th, 2023

Check out a brand new podcast on 101 ESPN… The Gridiron Guys with Anthony Stalter & Carey Davis!
The guys break down the biggest topics in the NFL with unique analysis and insight. On this week’s episode, the guys tackle the Lamar Jackson situation.